• Monitoring Program began in 1977 to evaluate instructor performance

  • Maintains the integrity of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program Fund (KLEFPF)

  • Validates all KLEC approved Training, Instructors and Academies

  • Instructors are Monitored Biennially

  • All Law Enforcement Instructors must be Certified or Waived (K.R.S. 15.370)

  • All Certified Law Enforcement Instructors must be Certified in Specific Subject Matter or Academic Discipline (503 K.A.R. 1:100)

  • Course Curriculum is approved by KLEC (K.R.S. 15.330)

To schedule a Monitoring Session contact the KLEC Office – email DeAnna Boling or call (859) 622-6218.


Dr. Brett Scott

  • Instructor Monitor 1993-Present

  • Professor at Eastern Kentucky University 1979-1993

  • Department of Corrections Deputy Commissioner 1972-1979

  • Was one of the first 33 Certified Instructors in 1969

  • KLEC Certified Instructor for 48 plus years

  • Helped establish College of Justice & Safety & KLEC/Bureau of Training (DOCJT) 1967-1972


Michael Blanton

  • Instructor Monitor 2015-Present

  • Retired Police Commander with Lexington Police Department

  • Former Training Academy Director with Lexington Police Department

  • 28 years Law Enforcement experience

  • KLEC Certified Instructor for 27 plus years