Roger Holland

Roger Holland found his calling in public service and began a career in Law Enforcement with the Lexington Police Department in 1998 and currently serves as the Commander over the agencies Training Section. During his career he has had the opportunity to serve in many areas of the agency: Patrol (Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Commander), Narcotics Investigations (Detective), Public Integrity Unit (Sergeant), Executive Assistant to the Chief of Police (Lieutenant), and the Emergency Response Unit (15.5 years). In addition to his responsibilities as the Commander of the Training Section he serves as the Special Operations Emergency Response Unit Commander. He also served on the founding Executive Board of the Kentucky Tactical Officers Association which was formed in 2007.Commander Holland is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a BMME and is in final process of completion of his Master’s Degree from Eastern Kentucky Universities Criminal Justice Program. He currently serves on the Curriculum Committee.