Phillip Crumpton

Former Taylorsville Police Chief Phil Crumpton recently joined the Department of Criminal Justice Training as a special assistant in the DOCJT Louisville Section.

Crumpton served the Kentucky State Police for more than 20 years, beginning his career as a trooper in Frankfort in 1991. In his 11 years as a trooper, Crumpton served as a field training officer, participated in a Special Traffic Enforcement program, was an instructor for the Civilian Police Academy and served Spencer County Middle School as a D.A.R.E. officer.

In 2002, Crumpton was promoted to the rank of sergeant, serving in the Criminal Identification and Records Branch. The following year, Crumpton became the assistant commander in the KSP Media Relations Branch – a role in which he served until 2006, when he was promoted to lieutenant. He then took over as commander of the branch, acting as the primary KSP spokesperson.

Crumpton was promoted to captain in 2008 and assumed the role of commander at the Bowling Green KSP post. One year later, he took on the role of commanding the KSP training academy, overseeing training for 1,700 employees. Crumpton retired from his service to KSP in 2012.

In 2013, Crumpton joined the Wilmore Police Department as a major, serving as the operations officer. He became the Taylorsville Police chief in July 2014, where he served until accepting his new position at DOCJT as Special Assistant.

Crumpton was appointed the Executive Director of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council May 24, 2019.