New Seat Appointed to the Council

A historical event has happened with the signing of House Bill 385 by Governor Matt Bevin on March 25, 2019. This law amended KRS 15.315 to add the President of the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network as an ex officio member of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. The law will take effect on July 1, 2019. The President of the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network will serve on the Professional Standards Committee of the Council.

The Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network is an organization that began in 1999 to bring together law enforcement professionals, educators, support personnel and individuals seeing law enforcement careers. Their membership includes men and women from agencies across the state as well as educators, students and civilian personnel who work within the criminal justice system.

Jill Stulz who is an officer with the Ft. Mitchell Police Department and the current President of KWLEN (Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network) stated, “This year, the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network is thrilled to be able to announce that we officially have a seat on the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council! After years of active involvement with different organizations and groups within the state, we were delighted to be invited to join the Council. The bill passed through several committees and finally made it to the Governor’s desk where it was signed on March 25th with an effective date of July 1st!

Also, KWLEN is celebrating its 20th anniversary with our state conference being held at the Griffon Gate Hotel in Lexington, September 18, 19 and 20. The conference will include training sessions presented by Dr. Bill Ralston who is the Chief Medical Examiner of Kentucky, as well as Dr. Lee Meadows and Dr. Joanne B. Devlin who are with “The Body Farm.” We will also be hosting our first 5K at the conference which will raise funds for our benevolent fund that will enable us to give back to different groups and organizations within the state. Register for the conference at,, or via email at