New Legislation Effecting the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council

There are several bills that have been signed by Governor Bevin that effect the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council’s daily business. Below is a synopsis of these new laws.

HB 368 – County Detectives

All county detectives appointed after July 1, 2019 must be certified in accordance with KRS 15.380 to 15.404. KRS 15.380 will reflect the following: “County detectives appointed in accordance with KRS 69.360 after July 1, 2019. KRS 15.380 lists the officer who must be certified and who may be certified.

HB 385 – Kentucky Law Enforcement Council

KRS 15.315, which states the sitting members of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council, will be modified to add the President of the Kentucky Women’s Law Enforcement Network as an ex officio member of the Council.

SB 115 – Local Alcohol Beverage Control Investigators

KRS 15.380 will be amended to require local alcohol beverage control investigators who are appointed under KRS Chapter 241 to receive certification from the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. Any local alcohol beverage control investigators appointed before April 1, 2019 are exempt from this certification requirement.

HB 191 – Revocation of Peace Officer Certification

KRS 15.391 will be amended to distinguish conditions that require revocation from those that may trigger revocation. It will require that an agency who has knowledge of a peace officer in its employment that meets any revocation condition to report that condition to the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. Further, it states that if an agency fails to do so, their Kentucky Law Enforcement Foundation Program funds may be suspended. Any peace officer whose certification is revoked may file an appeal with the Council and a hearing will be held pursuant to KRS Chapter 13B.