KSP Academy News

The Kentucky State Police Academy is pleased to announce a new web site for their Thin Gray Line CrossFit. To correspond with their new web site, they have started using an app called SugarWOD. The SugarWOD app will allow all of their employees, future cadets and anyone else who is interested in their Thin Gray Line CrossFit to add themselves as an athlete to their gym. SugarWOD gives each user the ability to log and track their daily workouts, find demonstration videos on the movements and keep a list of any personal records and/or one-rep maximums that they set.

The user's email address is used to set up their account and they will receive updated information from Captain Kyle Nall related to the affiliate. Captain Nall said that the new app and program has taken off with intensity and they are excited about the possibilities of how this will impact the future cadets at their Academy as well as impacting the fitness and wellness of their agency.

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