Louisville Metro Police Academy News

The Louisville Metro Police Academy Recruitment and Selection Unit currently has two hiring processes in process for Metro Academy Class 45 and 46, both of which have tentative start dates for 2020 depending on the Academy’s approved budget which releases June 25th. The Academy class is slated for sometime in September.

The Louisville Metro Academy Class (MAC) 44 is currently in their 15th week of Basic Training and on track to graduate September 13, 2019. Graduation details will be released later in the year for anyone wishing to attend.

Sgt. Chris Keith and Officer Justin Witt recently attended a PERF (Police Executive Research Forum) Summit meeting in Boston to participate in a working group to discuss the current Integrating Communications, Tactics, and Assessments (ICAT) class that is being taught around the country. These two Louisville Metro Police Department members are considered by PERF to be content experts in ICAT and have been an integral part of its development for their department. While in Boston, they were asked to make a presentation in how Louisville Metro Police Department implemented ICAT into their training to attendees of the Senior Management Institute.