The Instructor Certification Committee is one of three committees of the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council. The committee meets quarterly during the law enforcement council meetings in February, May, August and November. The Instructor Certification Committee conducts the final process for certification for new instructors during the meeting by having a face-to-face interview with the instructor applicant. If the committee approves, the applicant is granted original certification for a 5-year period. The committee also reviews applications for Continued Certification, Additional Certification and Waived Certification.

Historical Facts

  • March 19, 1969 the first 33 instructors were certified by virtue of a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice or related area.

  • February 1971 course was observed from North Western University and the first 80 hour Instructor Development Course was written and required to be completed to become a certified law enforcement instructor.

  • November 1985 the face-to-face interview with the Instructor Certification Committee was added to complete the certification process.

  • The Instructor Development Course has been as long as 120 hours at one time and remained at 80 hours until January 1, 2019 when it changed to a 40 hour class.

Areas of Certification

KLEC Instructor Certification Areas document provides the subject areas, pre-requisites and the minimum requirements to instruct in specific subject areas.

Legislation for Certification

  • All police instructors are required to be certified or waived (K.R.S. 15.370)

  • Police instructors must be certified in specific field/subject matter or academic discipline (503 K.A.R. 1:100)

  • Hours of attendance are adhered to (K.R.S. 15.330)

Requirements of Certification

The following is considered when the Instructor Certification Committee reviews each certification application:

Original Certification

  • Submit KLEC Form 1 – Original Instructor Certification Application

  • Complete the Instructor Development Course

  • Minimum 3 years law enforcement experience & specific training in field(s) requested

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • Related job experience

  • Applied to be certified by interview by the Instructor Certification Committee

Continued Certification

  • The Training Director shall submit KLEC Form 5 – Continued Instructor Certification at least 30 days prior to the date of the Council meeting at which the request will be reviewed. A Monitor Evaluation Form is required with all Continued Certification Forms.

  • If the certification has expired, the instructor shall be considered inactive and that instructor may not teach in KLEC certified courses. (See re-certification procedures).


  • Re-certification is required in cases when an instructor has allowed certification to lapse and is inactive.

  • To gain active status, the inactive instructor must teach a minimum of 5 hours, be monitored by a KLEC Monitor and submit KLEC Form 5 – Continued Instructor Certification along with the Monitor Evaluation Report to the Certification Committee for review. The form must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the meeting at which the request will be reviewed.

Additional Certification

  • To acquire additional subject areas of certification for an instructor, the Training Director shall submit KLEC Form 6 – Additional Instructor Certification along with the required documentation. Required areas for interviews before the Instructor Certification Committee are Leadership and LEN Instructor Development. The form must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the meeting at which the request will be reviewed.

Waived Certification

  • Submit KLEC Form 8 – Request for Waiver Certification.

  • The Instructor Certification Committee may waive the police instructor training requirement in 503 K.A.R. 1:100 for all non-law enforcement employees/professionals. The waiver allows professional non-law enforcement personnel to be waived from the requirement to complete the LEN Instructor Development Course. Waivers are for a 3-year period for sworn personnel. Sworn personnel may be waived one time and must attend the Law Enforcement Instructor Development Course to continue teaching. Waivers for professionals are granted for life. Waivers for life will never expire unless a professional license is revoked and thus the waiver would be revoked.

  • Any academy with a certified peace officer who is a professional and certified in their field (i.e. psychologist, attorney) may be waived from attending the LEN Instructor Development Course.

  • Sworn personnel, who are part time and not assigned to an academy may be waived one time.